How is Creationships Marriage Coaching for Couples different from pre-marital counseling?

In pre-marital counseling you typically work with your clergy person or licensed therapist to discuss the personal issues in your relationship. Churches frequently require this to determine if getting married is the best idea for you. In Creationships Coaching for Couples the premise is that the two of you have already decided that marriage is the right step for your relationship, and you would like to learn skills to make it even more fulfilling. Creationships Coaching for Couples is a pre-designed session that will coach you through creating a solid and lasting spiritual foundation for your marriage, whatever your religious affiliation. All beliefs and traditions are honored.

How do we know if Creationships Marriage Coaching for Couples is right for us?

Couples frequently put so much emphasis on planning the perfect wedding that they forget they also need to take time to plan a great marriage. Just as your wedding day does not run smoothly without proper planning, neither does your marriage. Ups and downs are to be expected but if together you have a solid foundation you are better equipped to handle whatever challenges life may bring. A Creationships Marriage Coaching for Couples session helps you to establish a team approach to your marriage that creates the foundation of love, support, and faith that will carry you through your lives.

How many sessions do we need?

That is the best part, unlike pre-cana and other counseling courses that require as many as 15 sessions, Creationships Marriage Coaching for Couples as outlined above is designed as a one-time session. During this session you will learn all of the tools you need for the two of you to begin creating your T.E.A.M. Many couples also choose to add topic specific sessions based on their particular interests. If you choose me as your wedding officiant, it is easy to add this service to your planning meeting appointment. If you are already married or using another officiant you can simply schedule the approximate two hour appointment at a time convenient for you.

If we are already married can we still do Creationships Marriage Coaching for Couples?

Yes! If the two of you are looking to add a depth to your marriage or are seeking more spirituality in your relationship a Creationships Marriage Coaching for Couples session is perfect! Together you can focus your intentions to create the things that both of you desire from life. Sometimes, couples also seek coaching when they are at a crossroads in their relationship and we are happy to offer couples coaching during these times as well.

How much does a Creationships Marriage Coaching for Couples session cost?

The one-time coaching session is only $250 and is a great investment in your future together. Additional topic sessions or follow-ups are available for $200/hour.