Other Services

In addition to weddings, you may contact Rev. Laura about other ministerial services which include:

Baptisms & Baby Naming Ceremonies

Rev. Laura is honored to perform the baptism for your newborn child. She has had the great joy of conducting baptism and baby naming ceremonies for many of the couples she has married over the years. While some couples choose to do this within the first few months following the birth, others wait as long as a year or more.


Funerals and Celebration of Life Services

Rev. Laura earned a graduate certificate in Thanatology (the study of death and dying) and through her hospice work continues to gain experience working with individuals during this trying time. She works directly with the families of the deceased to provide a service that truly honors the life of your loved one and also supports family and friends through the grieving process. Rev. Laura is available to officiate at funerals and also to provide spiritual bereavement counseling during this time.

Home and Family Blessings

Couples who are blending families and bringing children together under one roof as a result of their marriage have a special challenge of making everyone feel accepted and included. Through a home and family blessing ceremony Rev. Laura assists all members of the family feel part of the union. Having a ceremony in the home that includes everyone is a wonderful way to honor the new family that has been created.

Commitment Ceremonies

For couples who legally cannot wed, couples who have been previously married on paper but want a public ceremony, or for couples who do not chose to have a legally binding marriage, a commitment ceremony is a wonderful option. The ceremony is given the same attention to detail as the traditional wedding ceremony. The officiants follow all of the same practices listed under Officiant Services. The only difference is that there is no legal paperwork.

Business Blessings

Rev. Laura has been called upon many times to offer blessings to businesses. Reasons for this often include: grand openings, launching of new business ventures, restaurant openings, new ownership, or the desire to pump positive energy and goodwill back into a business.


Rev. Laura C. Cannon also offers a variety of ministerial, counseling, healing, and wellness services. You can visit her personal portal site to learn more.